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In The Moment With Mindy – New Year’s Intentions | EDCare

In The Moment With Mindy Find out why is setting intentions for the New Year may help support your recovery goals more than setting New Year's Resolutions. Have a question for EDCare or Mindy? Send us an email us at EDCareNews@eatingdisorder.care If you or a loved one is suffering [...]


Surviving the Holidays in Eating Disorder Recovery

Surviving the Holidays during Eating Disorder Recovery - The holiday season can mean high levels of stress and anxiety, particularly for those in recovery who struggle with eating disorders and disordered eating.  It takes some preparation, but with a little planning and support, the holidays don’t need to be daunting.  In [...]



Temperament EDCare Recovery Advocate Guest Blog | Colleen S. Stubborn. When I was growing up, if this specific adjective was being used in conjunction with my name, it typically meant the following: buckle up.  Everyone was about to be in for an extremely bumpy ride.  Courtesy of yours truly. This word used with my [...]


Recovery Advocate Guest Blog – Colleen S. | EDCare

Recovery Advocate Guest Blog by Colleen S.  The Winter Solstice just so happened to be the night before I was going to admit to EDCare as a patient. The shortest and darkest calendar day of the year falls on December 22nd - it also marked one of the darkest nights of my [...]


In The Moment With Mindy – Connect & Get Social | EDCare

In The Moment With Mindy Eating disorders are isolating by nature. Realizing you are not alone is an important step in acknowledging your own self-worth. What tip can you offer someone who is trying to overcome feelings of isolation? Have a question for EDCare or Mindy? Send us an email us at [...]


Feeling Helpless in the Face of an Eating Disorder

Feeling Helpless in the Face of an Eating Disorder - An eating disorder is a serious and complex mental illness. Not only does it have a devastating impact on the induvial, but on the entire family as well. It is never easy to watch a loved one suffer emotionally, physically and [...]

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