Nourishing Eating Disorder Recovery for 20 Years

EDCare is thrilled to be celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year! Founded in 2001, our centers have helped individuals with eating disorders achieve long-term recovery through a compassionate, evidence-based treatment approach.

By providing innovative eating disorder treatment in Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska, our skilled team of specialists offer life-changing services to individuals and their families. We are grateful to have served many communities, nourishing success, over the past 20 years and are dedicated to keeping up with the increasing need for eating disorder treatment.

We invite you to visit our TIMELINE and learn more about EDCare’s unique history!

From the Staff at EDCare

The accomplishments of EDCare would not be possible without our incredible staff. As a special “THANK YOU” to those who choose to make EDCare home, we asked a few members of our team to share what their favorite part of working at EDCare has been.

Nancie Ziemke, PHD, LP – 17 Years | Clinical Outpatient Psychologist

I was asked to share my favorite part of working at EDCare which has spanned nearly 17 years in 3-5 sentences, an impossible task so I am going to focus on the most important part of EDCare. My favorite part of working at EDCare is the people I have met and come to know both as coworkers and the people I have had the privilege to serve/treat. The breadth of humanity has been an incredible gift which has stretched, educated, challenged and shaped me in my growth as a professional and citizen of this planet. While I was not present from the very start, I worked with many of the people who were, and I can say we are ever-evolving and redefining EDCare with each staff member who joins and patient who admits into a place of greater healing and recovery.

Pam Hurley, MSW, LCSW – 16 Years | Family Therapist

In the 16 years I have worked at EDCare, I’ve especially enjoyed the personal and professional growth I’ve experienced as a result of learning from my colleagues and the multitude of patients. The collective intelligence, experience, sensitivity, dedication, curiosity, and fun combine to make this a stimulating environment to work. I am very grateful to be part of this dynamic team.

Tamara Pryor, PHD, FAED – 16 Years | Executive Clinical Director and Director of Clinical Research

EDCare reminds me every day that I couldn’t have made a better life-long career choice. EDCare allows me to work with some of the most passionate and talented colleagues. They keep me curious, challenged and forever learning. When a patient fights their illness and chooses recovery I know we have truly made a difference in that person’s life.

Miriam Ramos – 15 Years | Business Office Manager

How do I pick 1 favorite part after 15 years at EDCare? For me, it would have to be helping patients/families. Knowing that you played a tiny part of each patient’s road to recovery. This feeling warms my heart and feeds my soul. There is no other way to describe it. SAVING LIVES is a real thing.

Keira Ebersviller, MA, LPC – 8 Years | Program Director

In my eight years at EDCare, I have truly appreciated the opportunity to work with an exceptional team and to make a difference in so many ways; in our patients’ lives, in the arena of social justice, in our shared mission of professional and personal growth.  EDCare has become my (work) home and I appreciate the sense of community we have built over the years.  I am amazed at the work our team and our patients do every day, and I am honored to be a part of the incredible journey.

Shane Bates, MS, RD – 8 Years | Culinary Kitchen Manager

The people are what make EDCare so great to work for.  Being here over 8 years and having worked with so many clinicians, EDCare’s staff has always been the reason why people love coming here to work.  The clinicians are thoughtful, dedicated and experienced.  The clients as well are challenging yet fun as well.

Lauren Zolton, LMSW – 6 Years | Primary Therapist

My favorite part of working at EDCare is being a member of such an incredible team! Everyone I work with is passionate, knowledgeable, and truly values the work they do. I appreciate how willing our team is to jump in and help wherever they’re needed, and always prioritizes the needs of the patient first. I am so grateful for all the laughter and humor we share; it’s so vital to balance the hard work we all do. Thank you, KC!

Thank you for your continued support across 20 years. You really make a difference!

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, please know our compassionate team of specialists is just a call/click away. Contact EDCare at (866) 771-0861 to schedule a free, confidential assessment or fill out an inquiry form.