Eating Disorder Evening Intensive Outpatient Program

EDCare (Formerly Eating Disorder Center of Denver) offers an Evening Intensive Outpatient Program (EIOP) for patients of all genders, 18 and over, needing a higher level of care for anorexia, bulimia, binge eating or other nonspecified eating disorders.

Located in the heart of Denver near Cherry Creek,  the EDCare EIOP program allows individuals the opportunity to participate in recovery and daily life. Patients are encouraged to continue their real-life responsibilities including school and work while applying the skills from treatment to everyday life such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, and creating supportive relationships.  Our unique CAMSA® treatment approach empowers clients to disrupt old behavior patterns, tackle their fears, and take on new challenges.

Our evidence-based evening program:

  • Includes dinner where clients are joined by Master’s and Ph.D. level therapists, who model healthy eating and conduct post-meal processing.
  • Meets for four and a half hours Monday through Thursday
  • Is in network with most insurances including Colorado Medicaid

Offers the following, every week:

  • DBT, ACT, Mind Body Spirit and Process groups
  • Psychoeducation Group
  • Nutrition Group
  • Multifamily Group
  • Art Therapy


Simons Helene

EIOP Program Under New Guidance!

EDCare’s EIOP program is under the guidance of Clinical Director Helene Simons, Psy.D.

Dr. Simons approaches eating disorder treatment by using motivational and strength-based interventions that encourage authenticity, empowerment, and insight. She values cultivating therapeutic relationships that promote individuals’ personal growth and development.  She collaborates with her patients to help them set their own treatment goals and achieve optimal recovery.

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