Recovering from an eating disorder is a challenging undertaking, and one that requires life-long maintenance. Patients journey through many stages as they admit there is a problem, and accept the need for treatment. Eating disorder treatments require a great deal of focus, energy and commitment – not just from patients, but also from their families and partners in treatment. At EDCare, we are committed to helping patients, families, and health care professionals at every step, as patients transition toward recovery and then maintain that recovery over a lifetime.

We are committed to helping patients, families and health care professionals at every step, as patients transition toward recovery. Learn more by calling (866) 771-0861.

Our treatment team offers expertise in the most effective treatment modalities to medically and psychologically care for eating disorder patients – and so much more. They are well-trained and highly credentialed psychiatrists, primary therapists, registered dietitians, family therapists and milieu therapists. They have extensive training and experience in successfully helping patients and their families through the many transitions they will encounter. They understand how to foster close connection to outside practitioners as they treat patients transitioning back to home. They bring a depth of understanding and immeasurable compassion to every treatment and each transition.

Our team offers an extraordinary perspective on what patients are experiencing. They know that families cannot be any happier than their least happy members, and suffering extends way past the patient in treatment. They understand the kind of support and information practitioners need as they make difficult decisions in providing attentive ongoing care.

From Partial Hospitalization to Intensive Outpatient Programs and of through regular Outpatient Services and Aftercare, our expert and caring treatment team is there to create, support, and sustain patients in their long-term, successful recovery.

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