What Patients are Saying about EDCare

What Patients are Saying about EDCare
What Patients are Saying about EDCare 2017-09-12T00:02:03+00:00
From a patient…

EDCare provided me a stable, empowering program at a pivotal time in my life for which I am extremely grateful. Under the direction of Dr. Michael Rollin, this exceptional program offers struggling men and women a wealth of education/resources to create lasting change. The all-encompassing therapy (including individual and family therapy, art therapy, movement therapy, psychodrama, etc…) coupled with superb psychiatry and medical care are nothing less than a set-up for success.

Centered around their own approach known as “CAMSA” (Connection, Acceptance, Mindfulness, Sense of Self and Action) this program taught me some invaluable tools/skills to employ in today’s rather volatile, demanding world and the opportunity to practice and incorporate these skills in a structured, safe setting.

With years of research under their belt, the primary therapists at EDCare are clearly passionate about their jobs. They are extremely talented and possess a great deal of expertise in the field of eating disorders. My therapist and I were able to explore the origin(s) of my eating disorder and identify potential “triggers” that could have contributed to my unhealthy behaviors and together we came up with several tools to ward off those situations in the future. We also discussed the importance of acknowledging and working through the intense, often undesirable feelings that our population so often tends to bury. Additionally, I learned a variety of skills to combat my “old tapes” (unkind voices) which over the years had created a hideous, constant negative noise within my head. By addressing these and many other issues, Alicia instilled in me confidence and pride – two key factors that were significantly lacking in my life upon admission to EDCare.

Patients are seen by their primary therapist twice/week in addition to an intense process group (P.O.D.) three days per week in which issues are addressed in a small, intimate group setting amongst peers. This enables topics that are often pertinent to all to be discussed and explored together enabling all to participate and offer insight. Additionally, there is family therapy once a week in conjunction with a Multi-Family Group on Saturday mornings. Talking about a well-rounded, intensive program!

Not once did I feel unsupported at EDCare during my stay. In addition to a primary therapist, there are several milieu therapists available throughout the day offering additional support during meal time and any other times as needed. They often lead groups, participated in weekly outings, etc. I found these folks to be an additional invaluable resource to the program. The milieu therapists are the “eyes and ears” to all which facilitates strong communication amongst all providers on a patient’s team. And this group was nothing but compassionate and understanding and definitely adept in eating disorders.

I was extremely impressed with the nutrition/dietary resources at EDCare as well. Kristine and Shane possessed a great deal of knowledge and were extremely compassionate and flexible yet they were able to incorporate strong nutrition and rehabilitation simultaneously. The meals were balanced and truly delicious and admittedly far exceeded my expectations! Nutrition classes, cooking classes, trips to the grocery store and even 1:1 cooking with the exceptional chefs was permitted from which I gleaned a great deal of knowledge… not to mention some superb recipes!! Not once did I doubt the competency of this team – kudos to ALL!

The medical staff/psychiatry at EDCare was phenomenal and possessed an immense amount of knowledge about eating disorders – not only in terms of the physical complications but the psychological aspect of them as well which I have not found in previous programs. In addition to seeing your assigned psychologist once per week, they led weekly “open forum” groups addressing many of the medical/psychological complications of eating disorders which was extremely enlightening and aided immensely in understanding what my behaviors had done to my body AND what could be re-claimed upon recovery.

In summation, EDCare’s program was like no other – I truly felt ALL of my providers “got it” and that they were sincerely committed to helping me on my path toward recovery. My team provided me the skills and tools I need to cope with everyday stressors and larger events/tragedies and the opportunity to put “space” between myself and my eating disorder behaviors in a safe, nurturing environment all while allowing me to practice these skills in the outside world. A well-rounded, enriching and empowering program indeed.

I am extremely grateful for my experience at EDCare and would not hesitate to recommend this solid, life-altering program to anyone struggling with an eating disorder.

— Janice K.