Defining Me

Defining Me
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Defining Me™

Defining ME is a movement created to inspire patients to go on a judgment-free journey and begin to define who they are ‒ away from the eating disorder identity. It’s a way to initiate activities and spur creative ideas about how to live as your authentic self.

The mindset of people with eating disorders can be very “black and white,” full of rules, measurements, and judgments. Defining ME helps patients broaden their experience, and realize that the recovery journey is colorful, messy, and ultimately freeing. They can embrace that journey in fun, creative ways.

The Defining Me program helps patients put what they learn from our CAMSA®treatment approach into living. Click here for a free assessment.

The Defining ME program helps patients put what they learn from our CAMSA treatment approach into daily, weekly, and monthly living. Developed by our specialized clinical teams, the Defining ME program gives ideas for therapeutic-based experiences for each week over the course of a year. It’s a great way to take that first small step, to begin the journey to well being in a positive, healing way.

With each activity and each step, patients learn to reconnect with what makes them unique people – what makes them happy, what they’re passionate about, and what their life’s purpose is … and can become.

There is great strength in community, and using the hashtag #DefiningME is a way to help patients connect on social media outlets with others on the same journey. In helping themselves define and reconnect to what’s special and unique about themselves, they can also inspire others to do the same.

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