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You never imagined you’d be in this fight, and it’s overwhelming. For every family, it’s extremely challenging to know how to communicate about your loved one’s problem. Parents commonly blame themselves, or, worse – each other. Siblings often suffer feelings of neglect, causing them to act out. It’s not just the person with the eating disorder who needs support, it’s the whole family.

The ironic truth is that eating disorders can wreck the very family dynamics your loved one needs most for recovery. Eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and binge eating thrive on isolation and loneliness. It’s crucial that families get the right help to create an environment of support, connection and openness. When families have the tools to participate constructively in the process, patients have more success while in the program, and recovery is more sustainable for the whole family through the transition back to home.

It’s not just the person with the eating disorder who needs support, it’s the whole family. The support you all need is at (866) 771-0861.

Your Role in Recovery

You are a crucial part of the support your family member needs as they journey through treatment towards recovery. You have a unique role to play in helping your loved one identify signs and symptoms, and providing the kind of loving support that only family can.

At EDCare, we prepare families to become effective sounding boards and create capable support structures for their loved one. Our team brings both expertise and compassion to individual family therapy sessions, and helps you find support through multi-family groups. You don’t have to feel like you’re struggling alone anymore.

Individualized Support You Need.

You simply can’t support them without the right team supporting you. We give you the individualized support you need, and the most effective tools to help you heal – individually, and together as a family.

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