EDCare is an evidence-based eating disorder treatment program accredited by The Joint Commission. We are committed to empowering adults, ages 18 and older of all genders, sexualities, and ethnicities to reconnect with their authentic-selves. Each point of our unique CAMSA® treatment philosophy – Connection, Acceptance, Mindfulness, Sense of Self, and Action – will empower your loved one to launch a life-changing transformation.

We believe family and friends are integral in the recovery process. Oftentimes they recognize the severity of an eating disorder before the person who is struggling does. Family members and friends can help their loved one identify signs and symptoms, and provide support throughout treatment and recovery.

I Think My Loved One Has an Eating Disorder

One of our Admissions Clinicians can support you in your concern for your loved one and help you identify an appropriate level of care. Please refer to the article below, and know you can call us at 866-771-0861 with any questions.

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It’s not just the person with the eating disorder who needs support, it’s the whole family.

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What Happens During An Assessment

An assessment will be conducted prior to your loved one being admitted. Our comprehensive assessments helps our team determine the level of care needed and if EDCare is appropriate for your loved one’s individual needs. Assessments generally take about one hour and can be done in person or over the phone if distance is an issue. During an assessment, one of our highly trained Admission Clinicians will evaluate your loved one, their medical history, previous treatment, if any, and get to know them as an individual. Family members and friends are welcome to wait in our reception area for emotional support during the assessment, unless otherwise specified by their loved one.

Medical Clearance Form (PDF)

On The Day Of Admission

Should your loved one decide to admit, this assessment will be used to help structure their individualized treatment plan and their treatment team. On the date of admission, family members and friends can join their loved one for parts of the orientation process. For more information about this please speak to your loved one’s Admissions Counselor.

Do you have a loved one who you believe needs help recovery from an eating disorder? Don’t wait to contact EDCare with any questions, even if your loved one is not ready to receive help.

Defining Your Role in the Recovery Process

We recognize eating disorders impact the entire family and will work to individualize your family treatment plan to help you heal together.

Eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and binge eating often thrive in isolation and loneliness. With the support of your loved one’s treatment team, you can help create an environment of support, connection, and openness during their time at EDCare and transition back home.

At all of our eating disorder treatment centers, we provide individual family therapy sessions and multi-family groups to ensure you and your loved one have a strong support system at your side. If distance is an issue, over the phone or Skype family therapy sessions are available.

Our eating disorder treatment centers provide several opportunities to educate and involve friends and family in the therapy process, including:

Group Therapy:

Family and friends are encouraged to attend Multi-family group sessions to learn and to address the family-related issues associated with eating disorders.

Family Therapy:

Family and friends are encourage to attend individual family therapy sessions where you can work together to heal the past and create a recovery environment for your loved one.

Cost of Care

EDCare is committed to providing the most cost-effective treatment possible so your loved one can afford a healthy life. We accept over 35 insurance plans, including some state-funded programs. We work with each individual to address specific financial issues, including single case agreements and out of network insurance carriers. We are your loved one’s advocates for good health and will work with you and your insurance company to obtain coverage. Our Connections House in Denver, Colorado and Apartment in Kansas City, Kansas is based on a sliding scale fee, as well, to make our housing options available to all patients in our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP).

Individualized Support You Need.

You simply can’t support them without the right team supporting you. We give you the individualized support you need, and the most effective tools to help you heal – individually, and together as a family.

Our team is dedicated to helping your loved one achieve eating disorder recovery with our flexible treatment options:
We treat the full spectrum of eating disorders:

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