Recovery is Possible with Your Help

Recovery is Possible with Your Help
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If your patient is struggling with an eating disorder or other issue, EDCare can provide the most effective treatments using a proven model that’s based on teamwork. Our evidence-based therapeutic methodology can help your patients recover and help prevent relapses. We empower patients and their families with  life-long skills to face down triggers and maintain their well-being.

Your expertise and relationship with the your patient’s family is an important component of treatment, and we value your role. We actively seek your insight, and keep you well-informed of your patient’s progress. When it’s time for them to transition back to home, we ensure you have all the information and support you need to foster your patient’s ongoing success.

We actively seek your insight, and keep you informed of your patient’s progress. Call an admissions specialist at (866) 771-0861 to learn more.

The Expertise your Patients Need

By their very nature, eating disorders are complex. Our experts are renowned for their capabilities with complicated cases. We offer an experienced, multidisciplinary team of highly credentialed, board-certified psychiatrists, physicians, clinicians, family therapists and registered dietitians. Within 48 hours of admission, patients are implementing evidence-based treatment plans designed to their unique requirements.

Full Continuum of Flexible Treatment Options

Our professionals deliver private, individualized care with flexible treatment options:

Partial Hospitalization Program

Our highest level of care, in a highly structured environment

Intensive Outpatient

For patients ready to transition to some eating on their own, with time away from the center

Evening Intensive Outpatient

For patients needing a higher level of care than Outpatient


Support to maintain health and enhance work with outside treatment providers

Connections House

A warm and inviting home for women in our Partial Hospitalization Program

Putting You and your Patients First

EDCare professionals work effectively with all of the health care providers involved with patients and their families – physicians, therapists, counselors, registered dietitians, insurance professionals, bariatric surgeons, court officials and others. We offer three centers to support your patients and their families, in Denver, Kansas City and Colorado Springs.

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