Art Expression

As a visual language, art is a powerful means of expression for patients with eating disorders. Art Therapy helps them tap into their creative and authentic selves, and gives them comfort and a powerful tool for expressing the shape of their feelings and how they perceive their physical self. The artwork patients create over the course of their stay with EDCare also provides a beneficial, visual and relatable record of the progress they’re making.

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Instructive Cooking

Patients with eating disorders often fear what food will do inside the body. They think about so much more than simple numbers of calories, and food becomes something that can be unhealthy. Educational cooking classes taught by EDCare’s in-house chef bring beauty, knowledge and enjoyment back into food.

By participating in the therapeutic process of preparing various dishes, patients experience beauty and nutrition, and a better understanding of the positive role food can play in their lives. Fear is replaced with understanding, obsession is replaced by reality and displeasure is replaced by satisfaction. Patients experience a new means of creative expression.

“EDCare brings beauty, knowledge and enjoyment back into food.”

Yoga, Movement and Psychodrama

Patients with eating disorders see their bodies as heavy or thin, often losing perspective of what their bodies can do that is positive.

Our Yoga, Movement and Psychodrama training helps patients reconnect with their bodies, and gain appreciation for their body’s value. This makes great accomplishment possible. EDCare helps patients develop a more realistic perspective. Through these therapies, patients learn to develop a non-judgmental, present-centered awareness. This includes acknowledgment of thoughts, feelings, sensations and acceptance.

Yoga, Movement and Psychodrama programs help patients to stop treating their bodies as an enemy, and start realizing the body is a valuable conduit to doing more of what they want to accomplish in life.

“Your body is your valuable conduit to doing more of what you want in life.”

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