Intensive Outpatient Program


Once patients have learned to internalize the recovery skills they need in the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), they are able to begin the transition back into daily life at home with the support of our transitional Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

At this stage in their eating disorder recovery, patients transition to eating two meals on their own and begin spending more time away from the center. Our transitional Intensive Outpatient Program consists of a five-hour day. Patients gradually step down before they discharge to an outpatient team. 

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Intensive Outpatient Program schedules are personalized to each patient’s needs, with one meal and snack each day at the center. The average day is five hours, where patients begin to plan for managing their life after treatment.

The Intensive Outpatient Program supports patients in maintaining their recovery skills. Using what they have learned through our unique CAMSA® treatment philosophy, they are empowered to disrupt old patterns of behavior, tackle their fears, take on new challenges and create lasting, positive changes to improve their everyday lives. They have what it takes to recover and maintain that recovery for a lifetime.

Residential Treatment Program

We believe that every patient has what it takes to recover from eating disorders. Our robust Partial Hospitalization Program is similar to many residential treatment programs for eating disorders. It’s a highly-structured and intensive program that treats patients with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and other eating disorders. In our supportive environment, patients gradually learn the skills necessary for lasting recovery. .

Many patients  go home at the end of a program day. Alternatively, we offer supportive housing in Denver and Kansas City. Once patients implement the recovery skills they learn in our eating disorder residential treatment facilities, they learn to transition smoothly to their everyday lives through the intensive outpatient program.

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is available in our Denver and Kansas City centers. Patients requiring an Evening Intensive Outpatient Program (EIOP) can find this offered in our Denver, Colorado Springs, Kansas City and Omaha centers.

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