Take Back Your Power

Take Back Your Power
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You have the power to create a successful and lasting recovery. It’s within you, but you need the right team to help bring it out.

Right now, your power is controlled by your eating disorder. It’s sapping your strength, and robbing you of your potential to create a life of confidence and calm. It’s stealing your sense of self.

If you’re here, you’re getting ready to take action – to take back your control. We see your courage, and it fuels us to do all we can to help you reconnect with your power, and reclaim it for your own.

Envision success.

The right support galvanizes around you, strengthened by the love of your family and the world-class treatment team at EDCare. The right therapeutic approach is the one that’s proven to work and last. It creates life-long mindfulness. Your newfound power is strong, resilient, and is the foundation of your complete well-being.

The right place is here, and the team you need is ready to welcome you. Together we will nurture your success.

If you’re here, you’re getting ready to
take action. Call us at (866) 771-0861
and we’ll take you through the steps.

Gain understanding.

There is simply no such thing as an uncomplicated eating disorder. To change your relationship with food, you need a deep understanding of the roots of your disorder. Lifelong recovery requires knowing your unique triggers, and using the most effective tools to control them.

Each path to recovery takes its own direction, based on this understanding. Our team offers renowned expertise and bountiful compassion.

Our team offers renowned expertise and bountiful compassion. Private, individualized care is accessible in three locations, with flexible treatment options:

• Intensive Outpatient

• Evening Intensive Outpatient

• Partial Hospitalization

• Outpatient/Aftercare

• Connections House

Find your center.

When life is back in balance, you can feel like yourself again. Reconnect to family. Restore your friendships. When you’re more centered, you can cut fear and worry down to size. You can tap into your strength and unleash your maximum potential.

The first step is to discover what works for you. At EDCare, there are many avenues to wellness. We offer individual and group therapies, with a full complement of medical and psychiatric supports. You can pursue education on topics like nutrition and gourmet cooking, and experience the unique healing properties of expressive art and movement therapies.

You’ll be guided by a very experienced group of clinicians and supportive staff, all dedicated to helping you find the optimal path to recovery.

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Start your Journey to Recovery in one of EDCare’s individual or group programs:

• Anorexia

• Bulimia

• Binge Eating

• Other Eating Disorders

• Elite Athlete

• Substance Use

• Trauma