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My Loved One Has an ED

EDCare will be hosting an educational event for the Mental Health Professionals in Private Practice Meetup Group on March 1st at EDCare. Join us for a free lunch and riveting discussion about Eating Disorders and what you as a Mental Health Professional can do to support families as they help their loved ones through the recovery process.

Presenter Spotlight:
Christine Sheldon, MA, LPC
Family Therapist, EDCare

Christine Sheldon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Mesa State College and a Master’s degree in Couples and Family Counseling from the University of Colorado Denver. She focuses on helping patients and their families improve communication skills, resolve conflict, and build an understanding of the role the eating disorder has within the family. She is passionate about helping families rediscover their relationship and believes recovery is about reconnection. She helps families discover their loved one apart from the eating disorder by providing education and awareness.

Sheldon currently facilitates the Social Context and Body Image group, a multi-family session for patients and their families. She also facilitates the Healthy Relationships group for patients, focusing on tools they can bring into family therapy sessions.

You must be registered to attend. Seats are limited. To reserve your spot login to your Meetup account, request to join the ‘Mental Health Professionals in Private Practice’ group and register to attend!


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