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Winter Symposium

Addictive Disorders, Behavioral Health, and Mental Health

Psychotherapy Associates, P.C., is celebrating 44 years of exemplary service to the Addictive Disorders, Behavioral Health and Mental Health fields!

The purpose of the 44th Annual Winter Symposium includes improving health professional attendee’s evidence-based diagnostic/assessment, treatment, knowledge and practice skills specific to reducing and/or eliminating health care provider care gaps and facilitating integrative care related to a broad spectrum of addictive disorders, behavioral health, and mental health disorders.

Attendees completing the full Symposium will be able to identify 5 or more evidenced-based diagnostic/assessment measures, treatment interventions, practice gap reduction measures and integrative care interventions including psychotherapies, psychosocial treatments, medical and psychotropic care, self-help care and adjunctive care interventions for persons manifesting a broad spectrum of disorders and conditions included in this educational program.

Dr. Tamara Pryor

Join EDCare

Stop by Booth 38 in Ballroom 1 and say hello to EDCare’s Outreach Team! We will be answering your questions and providing Eating Disorder resources.

On Monday, January 29 learn from our very own Executive Clinical Director and Director of Clinical Research, Tamara Pryor, Ph.D., FAED. She will present on “Examining Treatment Outcomes Comparing Eating Disordered Patients With and Without Substance Use Disorders“.


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