Primary Therapist, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Kavanaugh is a counseling psychologist who specializes in eating disorder treatment. Her therapeutic style is based in relational-cultural and interpersonal process approaches, meaning that she views each individual through their own personal context of past experiences, values, and cultural identity, and utilizes authenticity and collaboration as major components of recovery. Dr. Kavanaugh incorporates a variety of evidence-based interventions in her work, often pulling from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and humanistic therapy. She is also dedicated to providing affirming treatment to those who come from historically oppressed communities and has specialized experience working with individuals across the spectrums of sexuality and gender identity (i.e., LGBQIA+, transgender, and gender nonbinary individuals).

Dr. Kavanaugh earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies from Texas A&M University in 2014. She received her training in Counseling Psychology at Oklahoma State University, earning a master’s degree in 2017 and her doctorate in 2021. She completed a predoctoral internship at the Colorado State University Health Network where she specialized in behavioral health, post-hospitalization care, and eating disorder treatment.  Dr. Kavanaugh considers herself to be a “professional nerd” as she often utilizes narratives and themes from media and popular culture in her academic and clinical work. Outside of her professional life, Dr. Kavanaugh enjoys traveling, listening to podcasts, playing tabletop role-playing games, and spending time with her cat, Phoebe.