Director of Human Resources

With a Bachelors in Science focused in Economics from the University of Utah, Kristen found her passion in Healthcare Human Resources non-traditionally by the influence of various friends, leaders and mentors.  Kristen now has over 12 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, with a focus in Behavioral Health over the last several years.

Experienced and skilled in recruitment, employee engagement, project management, strategic planning, leadership, and TJC & CMS regulatory compliance, she is thrilled to be part of an enthusiastic team at EDCare.  She enjoys fostering inclusivity and staff engagement, while being in a position to help create an environment where both patients and staff are able to celebrate the success of eating disorder recovery.

On her off time she enjoys running, yoga, hiking, snowboarding, walking her dogs, live music, dancing and playing the piano.  She volunteers with Big Brother & Big Sisters and enjoys spending time with her “little”.