Family Therapist


Pam facilitates empathic connections between family members, inviting them to respectfully “get real” with one another and experience the zest that often follows. She is dedicated to helping families increase their closeness, while also appreciating their differences. Pam has been a licensed clinical social worker for more than 20 years, applying these skills in settings that include private practice; a brain injury and multiple sclerosis recovery center; child/family protective services; hospice; a critical incident stress management team; the Red Cross; and equine-assisted therapy.

Pam received her Bachelor‘s degree from Colorado State University and her Master’s degree from University of Denver. Pam’s hobbies include collecting historic Native American Art, piano composition, tennis, skiing, hiking, and visiting her two grown daughters. Her favorite movie is “A House at the End of the World,” a film that follows three very different individuals who struggle to create a family of their own.