In The Moment With Mindy

Wake Up. Kick Butt. Repeat.

by: Mindy, an EDCare Recovery Advocate 

Our lives are full of cyclical patterns of behaviors. We can easily habituate to these behaviors, making them difficult to change.

In my eating disorder, I did not want to wake up and did not think I could kick butt. However, I was able to establish habits and repeat them. My habitual cycle consisted of working out, restricting, eating too much, and purging day after day for almost 20 years. I believed that if I could restrict more, exercise more, and purge more I would lose enough weight to be loved and matter to other people. I was convinced true happiness could be achieved by reaching that special number on the scale. However, when I reached that number, the happiness never came. Instead, the cycle would begin again, except this time the numbers were lower. I desperately needed and wanted a new cycle. One full of life, fun, and relationships. A cycle free from numbers.

This behavioral cycle was acted out concurrently with a cognitive cycle in my head. I believed I was too fat to be loved. I believed if I was not the best at everything I did from school and sports, to even being the “perfect patient” in treatment, I would not be loved. My need for being loved was manifested through negative thought cycles and acted out through eating disorder behaviors.

Breaking unhealthy, yet familiar, cycles is difficult. Over time, I had trained my mind and body to believe the eating disorder cycle was the only way to live. The many rituals and rules I followed surrounding food and exercise were not developed overnight. They took years. I gradually trained my brain to only listen to the needs of my disorder. This unhealthy norm made it extremely difficult to change those old tapes I continuously ran on repeat in my head. During my recovery, this slow training process began again. Only this time I was relearning how to fulfill the true and natural needs of my mind and body. Engaging in healthy behaviors, like eating and exercising appropriately seemed so foreign and scary at the beginning. However, over several years of practice, they have become easier to repeat. I remember the day it was difficult to engage in an eating disorder behavior! It blew my mind!


I have struggled to be gentle and compassionate with myself. As I learned to trust my treatment team at EDCare, I also learned to trust myself. I can now differentiate my authentic voice from the lies of my eating disorder. The truth is, who I am is not defined by a number on the scale, what I do or do not eat, or whether or not I workout. I am loved for me. Slowly, I have begun to believe this truth, my truth.

Currently, I am in a stage of recovery where both healthy and unhealthy behaviors sometimes compete. What is important is how I handle this struggle. For example, I do occasionally still have slips with eating disorder thoughts and behaviors. The key is knowing I do NOT have to fall back into the vicious cycle. I forgive myself and move forward. I hold so much power in my recovery! Enough power to pursue my new cycle: Wake Up. Kick Butt. Repeat!

What positive and negative cycles can you begin to define and shape in your own life?

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