Regional Outreach Representative

Erin studied Psychology and Entrepreneurship at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which is where she became heavily involved with eating disorder outreach on campus and within the community. From hosting Scale Smashes, to speaking at NEDA Walks, and organizing countless events for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Erin found a passion for increasing awareness surrounding eating disorders. Her work with EDCare allows her to be a resource for community providers, where she strives to build relationships that are intentional, centered around strong communication and continuity of care, and values building community.

Additionally, Erin strives to make a continued impact in the eating disorder field through roles in community organizations. She serves as the Marketing Chair for iaedp’s Denver Metro Chapter, is an active committee member in the Colorado Community Collaborative for Eating Disorders, and works with The Recovery Box to create tangible tools to support eating disorder recovery.

When Erin is not working to eradicate eating disorders from the world, she enjoys traveling to new cities, spending time in coffee shops, and hiking with her pup.