“I have referred many patients over the last decade to the team at EDCare. I have consistently been impressed by the warmth, professionalism, responsiveness, and excellent care that their wonderful team offers to patients and referring providers alike. With outstanding, evidence-based, and highly compassionate clinicians, EDCare personalizes the experience of each patient. I am so grateful for this unique team. I trust them wholeheartedly.”

-Jennifer L. Gaudiani, MD, CEDS, FAED

Founder & Medical Director, Gaudiani Clinic

“I’ve had great experiences working with EDCare! Their primary therapists are excellent, communicative, and compassionate. I can tell that they truly care about the patients I refer. EDCare’s admission department is wonderful at responding to any questions or referrals for higher level of care quickly which has made a difference for my patients. I love that I can trust EDCare with any patient for any type of eating disorder. EDCare is a gem!”

-Janean Anderson, Ph.D., CEDS-S, Licensed Psychologist, Certified Eating Disorders Specialist and iaedp Approved Supervisor, Director, Colorado Therapy & Assessment Center, Host, The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast, Author of Recover Your Perspective

“When I refer a client to EDCare I fully trust that they will be treated compassionately and with the utmost respect for the individuals that they are.  I have been impressed with their level of knowledge and use of the most up to date research surrounding the treatment of eating disorders, as well as their willingness to collaborate with the outpatient team.”

-Kara Shelman, LCSW, MPH

Therapist at Centimano Counseling

“I’ve had numerous clients go to EDCare over the past 15 years and have been very impressed by the effort made by all their therapists to provide individualized care and meet clients where they are at. The staff is very knowledgeable and clearly have a passion for what they do, which is seen with their excellent care and how quickly they can help a client feel at ease. The team does a great job of navigating each client’s care with evidence-based treatment decisions. I always feel comfortable sending a client to their care.”

-Janelle Hunt MS, RD
Sollus Nutrition Therapy

“As an eating disorder therapist for the past 15 years, I can say confidently that when clients need a higher level of care, EDCare provides some of the most individualized and quality treatment I have ever seen. What I love most is that each client is seen as a unique individual. The clinical team does not apply the “one size fits all” approach to treatment, but rather they tailor treatment to what is best for each individual’s healing, including being sensitive to trauma, family dynamics and substance abuse issues. Another thing that I love about EDCare is that when one of my clients enters treatment I still feel very much a part of the treatment process as the team provides consistent communication with me and welcomes me into treatment team meetings. This level of inclusion allows my clients to feel safe and know that I am there with them each step of the way, and most importantly that I am here for them upon their discharge. When I work with EDCare, not only do my clients feel supported, but I feel supported as a clinician because they treat me like one of the family. Can’t say more good things about EDCare!”


“When guest lecturer Dr. Tamara Pryor, Clinical Director at EDCare Denver, attended the class that I teach at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The students appreciated Dr. Pryor’s enthusiasm and expertise in this very interesting area of study, and they found her a very effective presenter. In fact, many of my pupils told me that I should invite her back next time I teach this particular course; I certainly plan on it!”

– Dan Segal, Ph.D.
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Professor and Director of Clinical Training

“I found the clinical staff at EDCare Denver to be very professional and to be willing to coordinate a seamless continuity of care with our client’s outpatient team. I will refer future clients to EDCare with the upmost confidence. It was great to work with Ann and the entire team.”
– Jaynie Prior, LCPC

“I am a counselor and I recently referred a client to EDCare Denver. I appreciated the staff’s professionalism as well as their willingness to keep me updated. It appears the staff at EDCare focuses on collaboration, which is vital for a client’s successful recovery. In the future, I will definitely be referring my client’s to this facility. ”
– Megan West, LPC
Counseling with Care, LLC

“I feel absolutely comfortable entrusting the care of my most therapeutically complex clients to the staff at EDCare. The years of training and experience amongst the clinicians are quite evident based upon the clinical expertise with which my clients have been treated.”

– Michelle Micsko, PhD
InSight Counseling, LLC
Licensed Psychologist and Eating Disorders Specialist

“As an outpatient therapist in private practice and an Intensive Outpatient Group leader, I appreciate the thorough and supportive communication by the EDCare staff. Their continuation of care is consistent and committed to the client’s recovery which has enabled smooth transitions for everyone involved. I appreciate their team approach to each individual and trust the clients are receiving the care they need to be successful in their lives. ”

– Pam Sica, MA, LPC, ATR
Private Practice and La Luna Center – Northern Colorado

“My compliments to EDCare Denver for their professional work with one of our patients. The staff were very prompt and organized in setting up an appointment. Also, patient and family were very pleased with their treatment and were professional, all matters were handled. I will definitely refer to the center again.”

– Susan Traywick,
Park Hill Assisted Living Residence
Resident Services Director